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Witch House Exterior Design

Below is a set design for the exterior of the witch's house. Because she masters in more botanical and earthy magic, I wanted to incorporate more nature aspects to its foundation and overall design. 

  • Initial Sketches

    • Early on I thought to have the house be a little more angular and Gothic, but ended up liking more of a round, cottage design in order to suit the character’s warm and bubbly personality.

Witch House Interior Design

Below is the interior for the witch’s cabin. She works with a lot of natural ingredients, and mostly uses wood for all her furnishings. 



A cauldron where the design is inspired by a pumpkin. A wood branch wand that can grow a magical tree stem at the end. An ancient spell book that has been passed down for thousands of years. All props are designed to incorporate intricate wood carvings and materials. 

  • Cauldron

  • Spell book

  • Wand

  • Cabinet

  • Side Table